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Third Reich Tinnie Collecting, Vol. I

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Tinnies is the generic name for small commemorative pins and badges. While the name implies these badges are made of tin, that is not always the case. The designers used all available materials:  metal, wood, porcelain, clay, cloth, leather, and paper. Tinnies (Tagungsabzeichen), or Day Badges, commemorating an event have been around for as long as organizers have felt a need to give or sell a remembrance of their event. Today, T-shirts or caps are the most common items issued as souvenirs of an event. During the Third Reich, these souvenirs were tinnies. The Third Reich brought tinnie design and use to its highest point, issuing them for many and varied events. Each tinnie is a work of art, often designed by a master craftsman. They show the activities of the Third Reich and the history of Germany in a small package.  This book has over 400 pages with more than 3,000 color photos of Third Reich era tinnies divided into 29 chapters.  The text of each tinnie is shown in German and English and the pricing is shown in US Dollars.  Also included are sections on oxidized tinnie restoration, fakes and reproductions, and tinnie similarity.  Among many other tinnies, this book contains photos of 157 Youth (HJ, DJ, and BDM), 290 SA, 107 Flight-related (including NSFK), 117 Gau, 279 Kreis, and 111 NSDAP tinnies.

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