The War Merit Cross 1. Class and Higher Grades

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Never before has the War Merit Cross 1. Class and the Knights Cross of the War Merit Cross been described in such detail. Years in the making and extensively using the existing archives the two authors Dietrich Maerz and George Stimson have delivered another solid and well researched book. For the first time regulations, award procedures, award numbers and distribution are covered in depth like never before. The main part discusses the manufacturers of the 1. Class as well as those of the Knights Cross. The book is rounded out with detailed information about the documents, the cases, the miniatures, and the ribbon of the Knights Cross. The two prototypes for the Knights Cross in Silver and Gold with Oakleaves, most likely made by C.E. Juncker, are presented for the first time. The extensive appendix with sources and a quick identification guide helps the reader to find a maker faster. The book has 463 pages and is printed in the usual B&D Publishing quality in full color on high quality paper. 

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