About Us

B&D Publishing LLC was founded in 2007 by Dietrich and Birgit Maerz as a publishing company for high quality monographs and subject books about German collector items, mainly orders and medals of the Third Reich. The company motto is “Books from Collectors for Collectors” with a high emphasis on scientific approach, documented sources, high-quality illustration in full color and a very critical approach to the subject. We strive to provide the collecting community with the best researched books on a particular subject in order to give a trusted guideline in this hobby.

To complement the books, B&D Publishing started a high-quality, full color magazine in Spring of 2010, titled International Militaria Collector. The quarterly publication under the guidance of chief editor George Stimson provides a platform for well-known authors and names in the hobby such as Thomas Durante, Gentry Ferrell, Stephen Previtera, and others. Also, new information in relation to the published books is provided and the latest discoveries are presented.

After more than 10 years in business B&D Publishing has established itself as one of the leading publishing companies on the field of serious researched and scientific books which have provided some urgently needed help for the collector in identifying originals from fakes. Some of the books are already considered "classics" and "bibles."

If you are interested in publishing a book, or have a manuscript regarding a subject of militaria collecting for a publication in our magazine, please contact us at: