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Third Reich Tinnie Collecting, Vol. I

Product no.: OB-BR-004

$135.00 *
Delivery weight: 7 lb

Donation Badges, Pins and Pendants of the Third Reich

Product no.: OB-BR-005

$120.00 *
Delivery weight: 5 lb

German Sidearms and Bayonets

Product no.: OB-BR-014

$25.00 *
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Delivery weight: 1.5 lb

Prussia Award Documents and Authorization Certificates : Preussen Verleihungsurkunden und Besitzzeug

Product no.: OB-BR-010

$48.00 *
Regular Price $95.00
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Delivery weight: 6 lb

Deutsche Unifirmen und Seitengewehre - German Uniforms and Bayonets 1841-1945

Product no.: OB-R-020

$25.00 *
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Delivery weight: 2.5 lb

Spanish Blue Division Commemorative Medals

Product no.: BP-BR-011

$105.00 *
Regular Price $105.00
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Delivery weight: 2 lb

The German Close Combat Clasp of World War II

Product no.: OB-BR-007

$169.00 *
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Delivery weight: 5 lb

The German Luftwaffe Pilot and Combined Pilot and Observer Badges

Product no.: OB-BR-008

$170.00 *
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Delivery weight: 9 lb
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