Need an independent expertise on a the German Orders of the Iron Cross, War Merit Cross, or German Cross?

We offer a well-researched, factual, and professional evaluation of your medal to determine originality by taking measurements, a close inspection under a microscope, and comparing the results to the fingerprints of original pieces. We are neither buying nor selling and have no vested interest whether an object is original or not. 
On several pages, including color photographs, you will receive a written expertise with a brief look at the history, an accurate description of the award, the process of evaluation, and the conclusion.
For authentication of an original piece:                  $ 350.- + S/H


If you send us a piece that turns out to be a fake, we do not write an expertise (unless you want us to do so). We only charge you for the return mail. 

For certification of other medals and decorations of the Third Reich, and for more information on an authentication please contact us:
              by phone:  586-651-3623
               or email: