The Awards of the Heer - Vol. II

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This is the long awaited Volume II of the most complete and comprehensive overview of the decorations a German soldier of the Heer could be awarded. Volume II not only covers such well-known decorations as the Spain Cross, the Campaign Shields, and the Cuff Titles. For the first time in the English language the Flower War Medals, the Motor Vehicle Driver Badge, and the Bravery Medal for Eastern People are covered in detail. Each chapter is divided into history, regulations, design, the decoration itself, award documents, cases, miniatures, fakes and 1957 version if applicable. The final chapter covers the manufacturers and for the first time all the producing companies, including the LDO members and all of the known 142 companies with a Pr√§sidialkanzlei-Number, are presented with address and products manufactured for the Heer. This volume is indispensable for every serious collector of the awards of the Heer. Hardbound, in color, 496 pages. 

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